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Our History

The  club started in 2000, when two mothers wanted to create a team for their daughters to play netball. The team consisted of nine students from Ormond Primary (and wore the yellow school shirt and green skirt). Training at the school, they played in the Caulfield and District Netball Association (CDNA) on Saturday morning. As word spread, more girls wanted to play and in 2001 Ormond had two teams, Green and Gold. 2002 saw three teams represent Ormond, Green, Gold and White.


2003 saw girls from many schools wanting to play and the uniform then changed to a navy sleeved/aqua bodied polo and navy skirt. The 2003 season saw Ormond's first premiership win. Ormond also entered teams in regional tournaments, which were very successful. In this year the club become incorporated.

In 2005 Ormond entered a team in the Kingston & District Association because of Saturday morning sport commitments that many girls faced. This team was coached by Netball Victoria's president Jenny Sanchez who brought lots of experience to the club. In 2007 Ormond moved their afternoon team to the Sandringham Youth Club Netball Association (SYCNA). Since then, Ormond have another two teams playing at SYCNA and have won multiple premierships.

The uniform again changed in 2008, with girls sporting a lycra skirts and singlet combination, still featuring the navy and aqua colours, in a blaze pattern. As of 2019 the uniform consists of either a blue dress or blue shirt and shorts featuring a white and blue geometric pattern. 

Today, Ormond Netball Club as over 200 players across 23 teams - the biggest the club has ever been! 


Ormond Netball Club is run by volunteers, with many coaches being students. Our committee is always looking for fresh faces and we welcome parents to be team managers, coaches or help in other ways. 

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